Why Small Businesses Must Have a Website

Website for Small Business

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When you launch your small business, maintaining a free Facebook page might seem like the perfect alternative to paying for a website. 

It could seem too daunting to build a website on your own or too expensive to invest in a professional web designer. 

A good social media presence is important for your business, but it isn’t a substitute for a website. In fact, deciding not to have a website can hurt your business’ chances to grow and gain customers’ trust.

So let’s talk about why a well designed website is so important – and how it will help you.

4 Important Benefits of Your Small Business Website

1. Give a Great First Impression

By now, searching for a business’ website is part of our collective instinct. Websites are expected. If consumers find no website at all, or if they find a website on the Struggle Bus, their first impression of your business will suffer.

Your website is your first chance to WOW your customers. An eye-catching design and well organized content help you communicate your brand, familiarize potential customers with your purpose, and acquaint them with your products or services. Give them a great user experience, and customers will begin to feel like they can trust in your professionalism, operations, and products and services. 

2. Establish Credibility and Trust

The fact is, if you don’t have a website, you will sow seeds of doubt in your audience. They’ll wonder why you don’t have this crucial piece of marketing and strategy. But if you DO have a well maintained website, your audience will grow to trust you and you’ll build your credibility across the board. 

Why is this? Because your website gives you a terrific communication channel, and it gives your audience all the tools they need. 

Your customers can ask questions and get answers (contact form and FAQs); investigate new information and gain understanding (blog); schedule appointments (booking calendar); and learn more about your story and your qualifications (About Me/Services).

3. Expand Your Reach

Consumers are constantly searching for solutions to their problems. They want to get healthier, buy something special, select a place to volunteer, and fix that pesky issue in their house. These same consumers are going to spend time researching the best business to give them what they’re looking for.

This is where your website comes in. 

Without a website, you won’t benefit from the power of SEO, which will help you stay connected to current customers and capture new customers. Your optimized content will catch the eyes of people searching keywords and phrases directly related to your business. From there, you can build new, valuable relationships.

4. Nurture Customer Relationships

Not only does your website help your customers learn about YOU, but it also allows you to learn about THEM. And when you learn about your customers, you can better address their needs.

It all comes down to your website’s analytics. 

When you look into your website’s analytics, you can see what pages users view, spend time on, or abandon completely. You’ll gain insight into their preferences, problems, habits, and dislikes. Use this information to develop your content across the board – your website, social media, newsletter, ads, and more. 

🍋 An Investment Worth Making

Building and maintaining a well designed website might not be cheap, but it won’t necessarily break your bank. From self-designing a simple site to investing in a professional web designer, you have many options to find a strategy that works for your budget.

Did you know that Spicy Lemon Marketing provides web design services? Contact us, and let’s talk about building this important, revenue-driving piece of your business!

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