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You offer a superior solution to fitness. Not only do you help people become stronger, but you help them deepen their mind-body connection… Sharpen their mental clarity… Understand the power of their breath. Your method leads people to the realization that a strong body is a side effect of a strong mind. 

There is nothing like Pilates – and no place like your Pilates studio.

Your website gives potential clients their first impression of you. Does your current website represent you in the best way possible?

Open the door to your Pilates studio with an eye-catching, fast, fully optimized website. You deserve the best, and we can give it to you… we’ll even give you 10% off.

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Get 10% off web design for Pilates Studios

Have you been relying on social media to advertise your services and book clients? Do you have a basic website that worked in the beginning, but that no longer lives up to the value you provide?

Whether you want to build a new website or rehab an old one, we can help.

And, until April 20, 2022, we’re offering 10% of web design for Pilates studios.

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Specialized service just for Pilates Studios

We at Spicy Lemon Marketing understand Pilates. Our Director of Digital Strategies is a certified Pilates instructor, and both of us practice Pilates regularly. You can trust that we understand the value you provide. 

And, because every studio is unique, we offer a FREE, no-risk consultation. You can use this time to tell us about yourself, and learn more about what we do. 

If you hire us, you’ll enjoy:

Excellent Service

Specialized attention to YOUR needs and unique offering


Professional web design by people who know Pilates


Clean, fast, user-friendly website that gets found


Pre-launch edits to ensure you're pleased and confident


Web editing tutorial (or: ask about maintenance options)

Human Beings

Personal responses and education: no robots!

Don’t waste another frustrating moment without the website you deserve!


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