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These days, more and more consumers’ decisions to buy are impacted by a brand’s social media presence. A strong social media strategy for your startup is defined by the value of your social media content, the consistency with which you post it, and the meaningful ways you engage.

What it is

Social media management is your startup’s opportunity to engage directly with your target audience. It does not mean that your startup engages on every social channel. It means you engage on the right channels, in the right way, at the right time.

How it works

Developing a strong social media strategy for your startup can be confusing and overwhelming. We can help you determine the right social channels for your purposes, and optimize your presence. As always, this process begins with a thorough consultation.

What's included

We leverage social media into an authentic and appealing representation of your brand. We create content that reflects you and serves your needs. To ensure an effective social media management strategy, we provide:

Why you need it

A strong social media strategy is your startup’s opportunity to accomplish major goals with minimal investment. It will help increase brand awareness, reveal your audience’s preferences and needs, and grow your business. Plus, it will:

What they're saying


Contact us for a free discovery call. Tell us about your plans, and we’ll share more about our process. It’s totally risk-free!


After Discovery, we’ll send a proposal. Usually, proposals include options, so you can consider your needs and budget.


While we kindly ask for a 30% deposit, we’re pleased to work with business owners to arrange payment plans.

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