How to Squeeze the Most out of Your Social Media Strategy

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“Social media is more like a telephone than a television.” – Amy Jo Martin 

Let’s think about your relationship with your television. The television gives you information, entertainment, education and more. You sit, passively receiving that information.

But, your relationship with your telephone is different.

A telephone is a two-way communication tool. You engage in a dialogue. The person talks to you, and you talk back.

Just as Amy Jo Martin indicated, that telephone-type relationship is EXACTLY how you should leverage your small business’ social media strategy.

Why You Should Reframe Your Strategy

Often, small business owners can get overwhelmed with the demand for social media. It can be easy to fall into the trap of mass-production. 

“Just post SOMETHING,” you might think.

But the problem with this is that too many “somethings” turn into boring shows and obnoxious commercials that a viewer flips (or scrolls) right past.

Social media isn’t about presenting ANY content. It’s about posting VALUABLE content that starts a dialogue. It’s about communication, connection.

When you reframe your social media strategy this way, you start to look at the powerful ways you can leverage social media to grow your business.

Start with these 5 easy steps…

1. Use Tags

You can use tags in two valuable ways: 

  • Tag Other People 
  • Tag Locations 

When you tag other people, you encourage them to participate in a dialogue with your content. But it’s important to tag them only in relevant, meaningful ways. 

For example, tag people with questions that allow them to showcase their expertise. Or, if you meet someone in person, positively acknowledge your meeting by tagging a picture of the two of you. Finally, tag people when you share a photo or article that would interest them and ask for their thoughts. 

In addition to people, you can tag locations. When you tag locations, you will help your posts become more discoverable by users in that area. This is especially useful for brick and mortar businesses, or businesses whose target audience resides in a particular geographical location. The more you tag a location, the more you’ll build awareness that you serve that local community.

2. Moderate Conversation

Take engagement to the next level, and MODERATE conversation. 

When you moderate conversation on social media, you’re not only “liking” comments and replying to followers, you’re proactively continuing a dialogue. 

Moderating conversation means that, when followers comment, you respond with an insightful question or add new ideas. Or, you tag someone who might want to participate in the conversation. 

Effective moderation strategies help boost the overall value of your social media channels.

3. Inspire Followers

People desire content that makes them feel like they’re not alone. They THIRST for content that makes them feel hopeful. 

Sharing inspirational quotes and images taps into your audience’s emotions by satisfying that desire. 

And, this type of content can be the catalyst for a lot of return-visitors.

Plus, inspirational quotes are very sharable. When people see something that makes them feel good, that helps them see things in a better way, or that reflects their own views, they’re more inclined to hit “share.” 

Ultimately, this will help build awareness of your business and garner more followers on your account.

4. Jump on Relevant Trends

Trends for memes, Reels, games and more can help extend your reach. It increases discoverability, and your followers will appreciate that you stay current.


Jumping on trends will work only if the trends make sense for your business. For example, if your small business presents a formal, professional image on social media, then it won’t help you to dance while transitioning to different outfits on a Reel. 😬

Before you participate in a trend, be sure it is aligned with your image, tone, and goals for your business.

5. Include Calls to Action

Adding a call to action (CTA) to your social media post helps build your online community and drive business. 

Sometimes small business owners avoid adding CTAs because they don’t want to appear too “salesy.” But, remember that there are plenty of CTAs that DON’T sell anything!

Think about these…

  • Save this Post 💾
  • Follow Us 😀
  • Download for Free 🆓
  • Sign Up 📥
  • Subscribe 📧
  • Join Us 🤗
  • Vote Now 🗳️
  • Enter Contest 🔑

Whether you’re selling a product or asking for feedback, consider your CTA as the bow that ties the whole package together. Without it, your audience will have no gift to open! 

🍋 Finally, Become a Follower

If you want to squeeze the most out of your business’ social media strategy, look beyond your own accounts. 

When you follow social media accounts of similar companies, influencers, and industry leaders, you will generate ideas, learn new strategies, and build helpful connections.

To start, head over to our social media channels! Click follow or like, and you’ll never miss out on receiving useful marketing tips and hacks – designed just for you! 

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