How Do I Create Enough Engaging Content? Here’s Your Answer.

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Does it feel darned near impossible to keep up with consumers’ insatiable demand for engaging content?

Do you ask yourself how you can create large quantities of content, all specially tailored to certain buyer personae and certain channels?

Are you a small business owner, without a big marketing department to oversee content development?

There’s no doubt that the demand for content is through the roof, and that companies who meet this demand are better positioned for success than those who don’t. 

HOWEVER, if you’re feeling the burn, you’re not alone.

HubSpot reported that 24% of marketers say that creating engaging content will be their greatest challenge in 2022.

So how do you meet the demand for content without going crazy?

Repurpose Long-Form Content 

Repurposing content is a marketing strategy that takes important clips from long-form content and re-creates it in short-form. 

Long-form content might be your new e-book or white paper, as well as a YouTube video or even a blog. When you pull out really interesting, educational, or otherwise engaging parts of these types of content, you can tailor it to be suitable for social media.

We at Spicy Lemon Marketing do this, too! For example, not long ago we published a blog with effective video marketing tips for personal trainers. In the blog, we went into detail, explaining why personal trainers need to integrate video marketing into their strategy and describing how and why each tip works.

To repurpose that blog, we created this very brief, simple image for social media purposes:

See how that works?

Now, let’s talk about the easy way YOU can repurpose your own content for social media.

5 Effective Ways to Repurpose Content for Social Media

5 ways to repurpose content for Social Media

Try repurposing long-form content into these 5 types of social media content. You’ll squeeze all the juice out of your wonderful ideas, while saving yourself time! Here’s how to do it.

1. Reels

A strong video marketing strategy is crucial to your business, so pay attention to #1 and #2 here! Reels are an effective way to get your content, your face, and your business in front of potentially thousands more consumers. Select key points, facts, or tips from your blog, newsletter, or long video, and boil them down until they’re as concise as you can make them. 

Create a Reel (you have 30 seconds, but the shorter, the better) that presents these points in a quick, fun way. You can record yourself speaking them, add textbox features, make the content pop with effects, include a voiceover, and so much more.

2. Live Video

Going live is a great way to interact with your followers (and thousands more). Consider those same interesting points, facts or trends and make a quick live video on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or even LinkedIn (in some cases). 

Use this as a chance to present your information and engage with supporters. Do people give you hearts and thumbs-up while you’re recording? Thank them. Do they ask you questions in the feed? Answer them live. This is a great opportunity to connect with your audience in real-time.

3. Images and Infographics

Like the personal training example we shared above, images and infographics give you plenty of creative room to take ho-hum lists and turn them into something fun and attractive. 

Your main points, facts, or tips will be brought to life when you present them on an image, carousel, or infographic. Use your brand colors, and add relevant icons and graphics to help draw out the theme of your content. 

For example, here we repurposed a section of our blog into a carousel for Instagram: 

4. Stories

Like video in general, Instagram Stories in particular are a great way for your content to go straight to the top – literally. Choose one point or main idea from your long-form content, which you REALLY want your audience to know about. Create an attractive image, including a clickable link to your long-form content, website, or other landing page, and post it to your Stories. This will be at the top of your followers’ feed for 24 hours!


Let’s face it, sometimes you say things that are pretty amazing. Maybe you wrote a newsletter or recorded a long YouTube video about a particular topic, and lo and behold, you found yourself saying something fabulous. 

Use these moments of brilliance! Create a quick image that features your picture, your name and your business’ name, and your quote. Post this to your social media channels, and include a link to your long-form content, too. This is a great way to establish your credibility and build trust.

Go for Launch!

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

And there you have it! With five valuable strategies to repurpose your content for social media, you’ll increase brand awareness, provide new and engaging ways to connect with your audience, and build on the quality and value of your content.

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