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Let’s face it: exercise is a personal thing. 

People rely on the approaches and styles that fit them best. They’re not going to walk into a gym where they feel judged. They’re not going to work with a personal trainer who’s asking them to do things that they hate.

But… if you make clients feel welcome, work with their needs, and cultivate an environment that aligns with their goals and values, they’ll show up. Again and again.

The fact is, your customers will patronize your gym or hire your services if they TRUST you.  

It’s all about Trust. On so many levels.

Earning that trust should be the core of your fitness marketing strategy. Think of it as the abdominals of your approach – the part you want to look the best, feel the strongest.

So, how do you earn your clients’ trust?

5 Ways to Earn Trust

Let’s take a look at 5 easy strategies that you can fold into your fitness marketing strategy, which will earn your clients’ trust.

1. Ask Me Anything

A live question and answer session can go a long way. Use your favorite video platform (YouTube, Facebook Live, or even a private, invite-only Zoom webinar) to allow current and potential clients to ask you anything.

Spend the first couple of minutes sharing some valuable information, to give people time to join the video and think up some questions. You can start off by answering frequently asked questions, which will warm people up and show them that you care about their needs. Use this time to offer advice, explain details about your services, and talk about other things related to health and wellness.

2. Share Your Story

A lot of people who hire you or patronize your facilities might feel pretty vulnerable at first. Taking those initial steps toward regular exercise and better health can feel very daunting – some people could doubt their abilities.

Show empathy, and let them know that you have walked a mile in their shoes. Whether you’re talking to them in person, writing the copy for your “About Me” page, hammering out a blog, or recording a video, share the honest, authentic “you.” What doubts did you have? What stumbles did you make? What tricks led to your success? 

When your clients feel like you understand them, they’ll trust you to lead the way.

3. Respond to their Needs

Ask for feedback – and give responses. Your clients will give you feedback in many ways. Maybe it’s a complaint or comment during a workout; a card in the suggestion box; an email; a social media comment; or a long heart-to-heart. Whatever the medium, they’ll find a way to tell you what problems they’re facing or what bright ideas they think might help them.

Earn trust by responding to this feedback. Write a response to an email or social media comment; make adjustments to exercise routines, and explain why you’re doing it; listen, reply, and keep going. When you respond to clients’ needs, you show them that you care about their experience – a key part in any trusted relationship.

4. Reply Reviews

Not a far cry from #3, is it? But very deserving of its own section. Allowing reviews on your social media page and your Google Business Profile is essential. What’s more essential? Your response to reviews – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Your response shows that you care about your clients’ experiences, and that you are willing to do better if there is ever a problem. Replies – ranging from the expressions of gratitude to the promises to improve – show your audience that you are listening.

5. Celebrate Your Successes

Did you win an award? Did an authoritative body recognize you for great work? Did you publish something valuable? Did your business pass an anniversary?

Share these accomplishments on your social media, blog, email, website and more. In doing so, you’ll show your audience that you’re not a rookie, that people respect you, and that your approach earns results. The big result from this? Your audience’s trust.

Now Go Get ‘Em!

And there you have it! Five easy ways to build trust between you and your audience. Stay tuned to our social media channels this month, for more great strategies! ➡️ Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

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