Do I Really Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing Strategy

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👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 In case you can’t tell, the answer to the above question is a resounding, YES.

Now, if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, or you plan to design one but don’t know how to get started, don’t stress.

We’ve got you.

In addition to the tons of free content we’re sharing on our social media, we’ll get into the details here on our blog, too.

Let’s take a look at what a digital marketing strategy is, and then we’ll talk about why your business or organization will benefit from it.

What IS a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Basically, a digital marketing strategy is an intentionally designed plan that lays out how you’ll use online tools to reach your business goals.

An overall marketing strategy would lay out offline tools, too, such as newspaper ads, direct mailing, or TV commercials, but for these purposes, we’ll focus only on digital marketing strategies.

A digital marketing strategy includes social media marketing, email marketing, paid ads, and more. Each part of this strategy is specifically tied to a business goal, forging the pathway from your business goals to ultimate success. 

Why Will A Digital Marketing Strategy Help Me?

So, all that sounds great, you say, but it also sounds like a lot of work. Isn’t my website enough on its own? Can’t I just post blogs and social media content when I feel like it? No one likes too much content, right?

These are all common thoughts, but here’s the deal…

Without a digital marketing strategy, you’ll end up in one of two places: either you’ll have a lot of extra work and stress as you try to keep up with demand, OR, you’ll end up with NO work, meaning your audience doesn’t find you and, as a result, no one hires you.

Here are the chief ways a digital marketing strategy will benefit your business or organization:

1. Clarify your Direction.

When you implement a digital marketing strategy, you are proactively choosing to work toward a purpose. Because your marketing strategies are tied to your business goals, you’ll know for sure that specific social media posts or email campaigns are created to advance your business toward increased website traffic, greater conversion rates, and more.

As time progresses, your business goals will evolve. At the same time, you can tweak and transform your digital marketing strategies to help you achieve new goals. And you’ll always know that your digital actions are done intentionally.

2. Stay Competitive in Your Market.

Part of a good digital marketing strategy involves understanding – and responding to – developing trends and emerging competitors. Depending on your industry, certain marketing trends will become more popular and more effective than others. For example, right now, video marketing is a huge trend in the fitness industry. Storytelling remains a major force in the nonprofit sector.

Staying aware of trending strategies, as well as new competitors in your field, will help YOU remain competitive. 

3. Expand Your Reach.

Digital marketing provides unparalleled opportunity to build awareness and expand your reach. The easy “sharability” of online content means that thousands – and perhaps millions – of more people will see your content and learn about your products or services. 

Plus, we can’t ignore that this is supremely affordable. Low-cost digital marketing strategies like email marketing and paid ads, plus free options in social media, can help you skyrocket revenue without requiring an enormous investment.

4. Establish Credibility.

When you have a digital marketing strategy in place, you will show your audience that you are driven and deliberate, and you will produce consistent and compelling content. Put simply, your audience will think you know what you’re doing.

Following a strategy shows your audience that you think carefully and you’re committed. As a result, your audience will be more likely to trust you with THEIR projects… and refer you to others.

5. Provide More Value to Your Audience.

As the digital marketing engines start working, you’ll find that you build your own confidence as a business owner or organization leader. You’ll get to know your customers and beneficiaries in a deeper way. As a result, you’ll be able to serve them better.

Your audience will develop increased trust in your content, seek your support for their projects, and look at you as a valuable resource.

Want to Get Started?

Building a digital marketing strategy takes time, effort, and patience. In the long run, you’ll see the results of your hard work. 

At Spicy Lemon Marketing, helping clients develop a customized digital marketing strategy is one of our favorite services to provide. Contact us to talk about how we can help!

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