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Are you looking for free or affordable business-building resources? Then you might be one of the millions of business owners who subscribes to good e-newsletters as a way to learn new strategies or to stay updated on industry trends.

But it’s not unusual to hit subscribe, only to be disappointed when you receive the product later. This can be frustrating, as any busy leader wants to avoid wasting time and get the information he or she needs – fast.

The key to subscribing to a reliable and useful e-newsletter is recognizing important signs at the outset.

Good E-Newsletters Have These 5 Factors

5 factors newsletter

Before you subscribe to the next golden-ticket e-newsletter you see, make sure it has these 5 factors…

1. Clear Frequency

A good e-newsletter should clearly state how often it will be delivered. Whether it’s sent daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, determine if its frequency aligns with your needs. If you’re looking for a monthly newsletter, but the one in question comes daily, you might end up getting annoyed by a cluttered inbox.

When it’s not clear how often the newsletter comes, this could mean that the organization doesn’t have a strategy for publication. Therefore, the e-newsletter could be thin or weak, and it won’t bring you the best value.

2. Helpful Content

By and large, people subscribe to e-newsletters because they want to learn about a particular topic. As a business owner, what topic is most important to you? Does the e-newsletter address this?

Further, how does the newsletter address that topic? Some e-newsletters connect you to the company’s blog, or report on company news. Others provide all original content, and others curate helpful resources from reputable sources.  Still other e-newsletters compile reports or news, and suggest tips and strategies. 

Get clear on what type of content will be truly useful to you. Subscribe only to those that hit the mark. 

3. Connection to Other Resources

E-newsletters that connect you to industry leaders or respected experts can be a great resource for a new business owner. Often presented in the form of curated content, these connections can expose you to current trends, cutting-edge technology, or popular industry reports.  

As a result, this type of content can take your business’ potential to the next level. You’ll learn new ideas, information, and trends. Plus, you can trust in the credibility of the publishing company. Curated content shows that they do their research and stay on top of industry trends. 

4. Desirable Offer

Does the e-newsletter clearly state what it offers with your subscription? Meaning, will it send you exclusive content? Special coupons or discounts? Company announcements? How will its offer support your business journey? 

Companies will at least ask for your email address in return for your e-newsletter subscription. If they ask for more, like your phone number and website, decide if you’re willing to provide that information. Usually, a simple email address is all that’s truly necessary. Providing other information could be a signal that you’ll get a lot of promotional content or calls that really don’t interest you. 

5. Narrow Focus

Here’s an important one: does the e-newsletter focus on YOU or on THEM? If an e-newsletter boasts all the great information you’ll learn about the company, the e-newsletter probably isn’t very valuable.

But, if the e-newsletter shows that it cares about YOU and helping YOUR BUSINESS grow, it could be a valuable resource. These e-newsletters show that the publishing company does substantial research on its audience. They strive to understand your problems, goals, and needs. They want to provide valuable content to serve that. 

When to Hit “Subscribe…”

Subscribe Marketing Newsletter

Subscribe to e-newsletters when they provide:

✅ Information that will serve your needs.

📩 Dependable delivery.

🔗 Links to more helpful resources.

💕 Personalized support.

🚫 Little to no sales pitches.

If you can check these five boxes, you’ll be more likely to receive an e-newsletter that you’ll actually want to open.

Did You Know?

Spicy Lemon Marketing publishes a free monthly newsletter, The Invigorated Marketer. This e-newsletter aims to help small businesses and nonprofits grow by providing valuable digital marketing tips, resources, and education.

Subscribing to The Invigorated Marketer will get you:

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