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Spicy Lemon Marketing provides expert digital marketing services for startups. We specialize in helping startups sharpen their marketing strategies through deep market research and tailored planning. Because we keep our own business small, we are able to offer personalized service and customizable strategies. We’re YOUR startup’s marketing team.

Natalie Hayek

“In life and in business, it’s our stories that connect us. Telling the story behind the startup adds energy, personality, and power to any brand.”

Samanta Shebelut

“Each business has a special essence. The best part of marketing comes when we ‘squeeze’ that essence and help businesses grow as they’ve envisioned!”

Samanta Shebelut

“Each business has a special essence. The best part of marketing comes when we ‘squeeze’ that essence and help businesses grow as they’ve envisioned!”


and how we do it

We built Spicy Lemon Marketing for small business startups.

With a desire to support the engines that fuel communities, drive solopreneurs, and create meaningful opportunities for all, we assist startups during all stages of their launch and growth.

We understand that startup business owners mix determination with diligence, investments with intention, and ambitions with action. Because of that, we serve our clients with individualized digital marketing services, designed to help grow the startup in strategic ways.

We founded our company on four principles, which guide our approach.

Make a Difference

We aim to serve clients who work toward positive ends. Both in practice and impact, we strive to make a difference and help our clients do the same.

Lead with Care

Understanding how deeply our clients care about their businesses, we make their dreams our own and treat each and every project with utmost care.

Grow the Small Business

We help startups set in motion essential marketing strategies. We aim to reduce overwhelm, eliminate wasted time, and help startups meet their goals.

Leverage Experience

We harness our dynamic experiences as military spouses for the clients’ benefit. Cultivate a culture of trust, commitment, determination, and teamwork.


Behind Spicy Lemon

“Spicy Lemon” represents the total experience we want our clients to have when they work with us. We want them to feel like “Spicy Lemon” is the secret ingredient they’ve been searching for.

So what does that mean?

When you add a twist of lemon or a dash of certain spices to food, you add a kick, a “wow factor.” You enrich something that, before, had been pretty basic. 

Sometimes, startup business owners are searching for just that sort of “secret ingredient.” They have the foundation prepared, but they need that burst of energy to take their startup from “just beginning” to “just amazing.”

Spicy Lemon Marketing does just that. We bring creativity, intention, and strategy to invigorate your startup with targeted digital marketing services, and set it on the path to “wow.”

With us, it’s marketing… with a kick.


As far as origin stories go, chances were pretty slim for our digital marketing agency to be born. One of us is from Spain, and one of us is from America. There weren’t many possibilities that we would connect.

But, military life made it happen in 2018. 

Then, in 2021, we formed Spicy Lemon Marketing, LLC, combining 30 years of professional experience. Now, we are here for you, ready to provide you with expert digital marketing services. Learn more about us here.

Samanta Shebelut

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Samanta is a digital marketing strategist and SEO expert. She has helped numerous companies integrate their business plans into total digital strategies, with particular focus in e-commerce, fitness, and health. Exceptionally skilled in web design, SEO, data analytics and content integration, Samanta helps clients implement the most effective strategies to engage their audiences online.

Originally from Murcia, Spain, Samanta earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from the University of Murcia and her master’s degree in digital marketing and e-commerce from EAE Business School, Madrid, Spain. She is certified in Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Ads. Samanta is happily married.

Natalie Hayek

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Natalie is a professional content writer with extensive experience in nonprofit, education, and the military community. She combines excellent research skills with keen insight into the human experience, enabling her to write compelling stories and deliver quality results. Natalie has interviewed many senior government, military, corporate and nonprofit leaders. Her work appears both in print and online. She is skilled in interviewing, writing blogs and e-newsletters, and storytelling.

A St. Louis native, Natalie has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Dayton and a master’s degree in English from DePaul University. She is an AWAI-Verified copywriter. She is a happy wife and mother, and an active volunteer.


Behind the Scenes

Maddox Hayek

Loyalty Officer, Marketing Agency

Chief Loyalty Officer

At 14 years old, Maddox provides constant companionship. Generally, he spends his days taking a series of pleasant, if not re-energizing, naps at Natalie’s feet.

Gorka Shebelut

Chief of Health and Wellness, Marketing Agency

Chief Advisor of Health & Wellness

With a spring in his step and an instinct for action, Gorka reminds Samanta that life is best spent on your feet and on the go. And, with a face like that, it’s hard to resist.

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